Winemaking at Mountain Cove started in 1976. Our first batch of wine, being a dry apple wine, was made from local fruit. The winery design included shelves for aging wine and locally manufactured square stainless steel tanks. Now, such wine aging is done in the cases.

We use a mix of American oak barrels to age the reds and stainless tanks for the whites and our fruit wines. We have always done our bottling with in-house equipment. Today, we use a system that allows for a one-person operation, producing 15 cases per hour.

Over the years we have built a unique line of wines. All of our wines meet strict Vegan standards and the most demanding palates.

Table Wines



A blend of Norton, Virginia's premier native variety, Cabernet Franc and Chambourcin. This red table wine is made in a style that minimizes harsh tannins and is often the red wine for non-red-wine drinkers. $17.00


Skyline Rosé

Rosé made in the European style. A blend of red and white grapes finished just off dry. This wine pairs with pork, turkey and spicy foods like curries and Cajun dishes. $15.



We buy these grapes from Autumn Hill Vineyards in Greene County and use only stainless steel in its production. A great wine with light meats, fish and spicy foods. $16.00


Skyline White

Our signature wine in that we may be the only winery in Virginia still producing much wine from the Villard Blanc variety. This vine comes from the Vouvray region of France where they make, as we do, a slightly sweet, slightly effervescent white wine. $15.00

Virginia's Harvest Fruit Wines

Virginia’s Harvest is a label we use for our fruit table wines, all of which are produced from only fresh fruit grown by farmers in the Commonwealth. We do not mix fruit and there is no grape wine in these products. We are proud of these wines. You will enjoy the taste of fruit you get in the glass.


Virginia's Harvest Apple

This blended apple wine is fermented at the lowest possible temperatures consistent with yeast growth. As a result, the wine retains its fresh apple flavors and bouquet. These apples come from Nelson County. $14.00


Virginia's Harvest Blackberry

These blackberries come from Cole’s Berry Farm in Halifax County. We have sweetened it to a modest 5%, but because of the blackberry’s naturally high acidity, it may not taste that sweet at all. $16.00

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Virginia's Harvest Peach

A full flavored peach wine for those who love this summer fruit. The peaches come from Crown Orchard in Albemarle County and the finished wine is just sweet enough to make you think you are right under the tree. $16.00


Vegan Wines

We are careful with our wine production and never use animal products when we can avoid them. We are pleased to be listed among the very few vegan wineries in America.

The best winemaking uses as little inputs as possible. Of course, we start with the fruit, and most of us add a commercial yeast selected to maximize the desired wine characteristics. After the initial fermentation is done, the winemaker’s challenges really begin.

Keeping the wine stable, free from oxygen, and getting it to the clarity necessary in today’s marketplace involves lots of choices. Some of the additives that could be used at this stage, especially for clarification, have an animal origin.

Historically, red wines have been clarified using egg whites – which is why French cuisine has lots of recipes for egg yolks. Gelatin, made from the hooves of animals is also used to clarify and stabilize some wines. Another common additive comes from – can you believe this – the linings of the swim bladders from sturgeon. We have never found a need for this product.

We have found non-animal derived products that can do the same jobs, and use those instead. However, sometimes even we need to use a derivative of skim milk, but we limit this and always tell our customers if this has happened.

Military Discount 10%

Although prices are always subject to change what will not change is the 10% discount we offer to members of the military, active and reserve component, serving and retired, including dependents with ID cards.

Three generations of the Weed family have served our country in combat. Lowrey Albert Weed, 1892-1955, Captain, US Army Infantry, France 1918 and First Sergeant, USMC, 1940-46. Albert Charles Weed II, Command Sergeant Major (Retired), US Army Special Forces, Viet Nam 1965-66 and Bosnia, 1996. Albert Charles Weed III, Lieutenant Colonel, (USAR) Medical Corps, Iraq, 2005 and 2006.

This discount is but a token of our solidarity with those who have answered our country’s call to service.